Introduced to all forms of art at a very young age by my parents, I have established myself in the art of photography. It has become a true passion in the last three years.

The street is my main source of inspiration. The richness of the emotions it carries, and the depth of the lives you can find in it has made it my favorite playground. Influenced by the humanist photography of Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson, Erwitt or Ronis, I'm doing my best to find my own way.

I love to tell human stories, to find evidences of our times, may it be in Paris, where I live, or any where else. My bag on my shoulder, my camera in my hand, I specifically like to hide in the masses, waiting for THE perfect moment.

After the street I have discovered the infinty possibilities of studio work, enabling creativity mastered to perfection.

Looking for aesthetics and meaning, my ultimate quest is the perfect shot, where all would be mastered, from framing to depth of field, from exposure to composition... An endless quest that keeps me awake, that keeps me alert, always.

I work mainly with my Canon EOS 7d and 5DMIII and a few well-chosen lens.

After the cover of the Journal of the Jewish Museum of Berlin in November 2012, and having been published in Camerapixo webmag (Issue August-September 2013), I plan to expose my work.

My current work is "Au ras du sol" ("At the level ground") and "Reflets" ("Reflections") among others.